Sport1, being a single TV channel before the rebranding, was converted into a sports media brand. The new brand architecture was supposed to cover new properties such as a pay TV channel (Sport1+), a Sport1 YouTube channel, a radio station and print magazine, which called for a fresher and more dynamic brand umbrella. To get a away from the previous rather dark 3D-look, an opposite way was chosen: clear, open, bright and graphical design elements paired with extreme slomo-shots of sports in the idents and bumpers. As an effect, the beauty of sports and the claim of the channel – “Mittendrin” (“In the middle of”) – was presented in a unique and innovative way. The graphic elements allowed improved readability of complex information and served as a pool of graphical templates, adaptable to the requirements of various sports being shown on the channel as well as other media.

I worked on the development of the overall design language, the layout and production of the promo and infographics system, the layout of the programme designs and the post-production of the idents and bumpers.

Agency: UnitedSenses GmbH